A quick and easy way to create your own Wordle-like game

A few months ago I released a video on how to create your own Wordle-style games. Wordle has not shown any signs of abating since then (at least in my network of friends and colleagues). New DIY tools seem to pop up every week to create your own Wordle-style game. The last one I found is also easy to use.

Strive Math now offers custom Wordle to create your own Wordle-style games. Just go to the site to create your game and type the word you want to use as the correct answer. Your words can be any length.

Sharing your custom Wordle game is just a matter of giving people a link to your game. There is no need to enter any personal information for you or them to play the game. And like the real Wordle game, when people get answers they can annoy their friends by posting their scores on social media.

Application for education

Critics within me say that this is an excellent SEO run by Strive Math. That said, if you are looking for a way to create a custom Wordle-like game for your students to play, then Strive Math’s Custom Wordle can be a tool for you.

And if you’ve been around the edtech world for a long time, here are five Wordle Word cloud tools to remember when the original Wordle craze started.

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