A list of commonly misspelled words and techniques to remember them

Do you often embarrass yourself by trying to spell “embarrassed”? Can’t remember if the “vacuum” has a C or two? This list of commonly misspelled words is for you! Not only that, we’ve found clever spelling techniques to help you conquer these words once and for all. While memorizing devices is not a substitute for learning to decode, they are a fun way to reinforce the correct spelling of challenging words. Also get a free printable with common memory misspellings for sharing with your students, or keep it for your own reference.

1. Arrange accommodation

Accommodate - This term can accommodate a double C and a double M.

This term can accommodate a double C and a double M.

2. Acquisition

I have “C” that you want to achieve it.

3. Address

Add the correct address to the envelope.

4. Apparent

This app can help all parents.

5. Argument

This word loses an e in logic.

6. Confirm

When you are sure, be sure as much as you can.

7. Reason

Big elephants can always understand small elephants.

8. Believe

Never believe a lie.

9. Bicycle

Never ride your bike when it is snowing.

10. Bright

The Brilo Pad is a monster.

11. Business

The bus is a mess.

12. Calendar

There are many days in the calendar.

13. Cemetery

Cemetery - Many people find a cEmEtEry too EEriE.

Many people find a cEmEtEry too EEriE.

14. Conscientious

The conscientious scientist never made a mistake.

15. Of course

It must end, or it must enter

16. Deodorant

I have an ANT in my deodorant.

17. Dependent

I relied on you, but you cut the car.

18. Desperate

The desperate person has eaten all the food.

19. Dessert

My favorite dessert is the strawberry shortcake. (Or you may remember that the stress is DESSERTS spelling backwards!)

20. Hesitation

EMMA finds itself in a dilemma

21. Invisible

This app is disappearing from my screen.

22. is

There’s Ed.

23. Embarrassed

Embarrassed - he turned really red and smiled shyly.

He turned really red and smiled shyly.

24. Environment

I think a new environment will iron me out.

25. to exaggerate

Stupid Greg loved to exaggerate.

26. Exercise

I exercise myself and I stay precise when I exercise.

27. Familiar

That LIAR looks familiar.

28. Impressive

Science is interesting.

29. Foreign

Expect foreign visitors in eight hours.

30. Forty

They built forty forts.

31. Friend

I will be your friend till the end.

32. Government

The governor was seduced.

33. Governor

Governor - will he rule or not?

Will he rule or not?

34. Guarantee

The guard and his friend assured them of safety.

35. Guidelines

The guide was in a trance.

36. Listen

You hear with your ears.

37. Imagine

Don’t imagine having a second M in the imagination.

38. To imitate

Do not imitate M in this word.

39. Immediately

I immediately ate my food.

40. Interest

The intern was the best at showing his interest.

41. Obstacles

It’s really rude when someone interRupts.

42. Irrelevant

The second R is relevant in the irrelevant.

43. to annoy

Irritate - I would be annoyed if I forgot the second R in Irritate from the list of commonly misspelled words.

The second in annoyance and forgetting will annoy me.

44. Island

An island is a land surrounded by water.

45. July

It’s really hot in July.

46. ​​Knowledge

I know you can reach LEDGE.

47. Laboratory

Scientists are working in the laboratory.

48. Lessons

Listen to the lesson, you will spend less time studying.

49. Lightning

See the jingle of light across the sky.

50. Loose / Loose

Lose a hey, but don’t loose.

51. Maintenance

Do the main work ten times and your maintenance is correct.

52. Mention

Men, keep your tie on.

53. Misspell

Never misspell.

54. Necessary

Required - I usually order my neCeSSary coffee with two sugarsams from a list of misspelled words.

I order my necessary coffee with two sugars.

55. No.

Nell is there.

56. Occasion

They traveled two seas (oceans) for this event.

57. Happened

This word has two sets of dual letters.

58. Often

Often, there were ten of them.

59. given

Salary is done with work.

60. Parallel

The two Ls are parallel.

61. People

People eat omelettes, people like eggs.

62. Pieces

There is a part of PIE.

63. Delightful

Pleasant - ANT was pleased by the pleasant weather from the list of commonly misspelled words.

PNT was happy in the pleasant weather.

64. entitled

possess possesses many s.

65. Possible

I think something is possible.

66. Superstition

Do not be superstitious. Think again.

67. Principal

The principal is your PAL.

68. Probably

He handled the problem.

69. Promise

Her prom date was an amazing one.

70. Receipt

Be patient when printing receipts.

71. Acceptance

Better a poor horse than no horse at all.

72. Recommendations

Recommendations - I really appreciate you recommending the correct spelling from a list of commonly misspelled words

I really appreciate you for recommending the spelling correctly.

73. Relevant

Even tiny ANTs are relevant.

74. Repetition

Repeat this together.

75. Restaurant

Take your aunt to the restaurant before she starts runting.

76. Rhythm

Rhythm helps move your two buttocks.

77. Scissors

Do not cut C from scissors.

78. Secretary

The secretary was adept at keeping secrets.

79. separate

There is a separate rat. (You may remember that the letter R separates the two letters As.)

80. Soldier

A soldier can die for their country.

81. Special

The CIA has special agents.

82. Successful

Clever kids know that they need two C’s to succeed.

83. There

If you do it

If you mix it up with “them”, think about going here or there.

84. together

We all went to get him.

85. Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I’ll take Tom or Row a boat.

86. Towards

The car is also towards the garage.

87. Two

The twins have gone twice.

88. Vacuum

VAL Cleans Up Mess with Ugly Vacuum.

89. Wednesday

We don’t eat sandwiches on Wednesdays.

90. Strange

"I" Before "E" Except later "C," But the spelling of the weird is weird!

“I” is preceded by “E” followed by “C” but its spelling Strange Strange!

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