25 Ideas for Whiteboard Videos

A few years ago, apps like ShowMe and Educreations helped popularize the creation of whiteboard-style instructional videos. Today, Flipgrid’s Whiteboard tool, along with screencasting tools such as Screencastify and Google’s Chrome Screencast tool, makes it easy to create a whiteboard style video in your web browser. Regardless of the tool used, the main premise is to draw on a blank screen while talking at the same time.

Often teachers create whiteboard videos to use as lessons for their students to watch independently. But making videos of students can be a great way to learn what they know about a subject and how they think about a subject. Here are twenty-five things you can do to make your students whiteboard videos


  • Why volcanoes erupt
  • Water cycle
  • The tide of the sea
  • Tectonic plate
  • Inertia


  • Addition and subtraction of fractions
  • Pythagorean theorem
  • Slope barrier form
  • Compound interest
  • Long split

Social education

  • Ranked choice voting
  • Branch of government
  • Latitude and longitude
  • Map estimates
  • Gerimandering

Language art

  • Part of the speech
  • Phonology lessons
  • Plot formation
  • Symptoms and suffixes
  • Type and structure of poetry


  • Rules of different sports
  • Bass clef and Treble clef
  • How to read a watch
  • Verb synthesis
  • How Wi-Fi networks work

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